Playstation Vr2

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Building upon our innovations from PS5, PlayStation VR2 adds a true next-gen experience with high-fidelity visuals, new sensory features, and enhanced tracking along with a simplified single-cord setup.


- Visual Fidelity: For a high-fidelity visual experience, PS VR2 offers 4K HDR, 110-degree field of view, and foveated rendering. With an OLED display, players can expect a display resolution of 20002040 per eye and smooth frame rates of 90/120Hz.
- Headset-based Controller Tracking: With inside-out tracking, PS VR2 tracks you and your controller through integrated cameras embedded in the VR headset. Your movements and the direction you look at are reflected in-game without the need for an external camera.
- New Sensory Features: PS VR2 Sense Technology combines eye tracking, headset feedback, 3D Audio, and the innovative PS VR2 Sense controller to create an incredibly deep feeling of immersion. Headset feedback is a new sensory feature that amplifies the sensations of in-game actions from the player. Its created by a single built-in motor with vibrations that add an intelligent tactile element, bringing players closer to the gameplay experience. For example, gamers can feel a characters elevated pulse during tense moments, the rush of objects passing close to the characters head, or the thrust of a vehicle as the character speeds forward. Additionally, PS5s Tempest 3D AudioTech makes sounds in the players surroundings come alive, adding to this new level of immersion.
- Eye Tracking: With eye tracking, PS VR2 detects the motion of your eyes, so a simple look in a specific direction can create an additional input for the game character. This allows players to interact more intuitively in new and lifelike ways, allowing for a heightened emotional response and enhanced expression that provide a new level of realism in gaming.

PlayStation VR2 Specifications:

- Display method: OLED.
- Panel resolution: 2000 x 2040 per eye.
- Panel refresh rate: 90Hz, 120Hz.
- Lens separation: Adjustable.
- Field of View: Approx. 110 degrees.
- Sensors: Motion Sensor: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis -accelerometer).
- Attachment Sensor: IR Proximity sensor.
- Cameras: 4 cameras for headset and controller tracking.
- IR camera for eye tracking per eye.
- Feedback: Vibration on headset.
- Communication with PS5: USB Type-C
- Audio: Input: Built-in microphone.
- Output: Stereo headphone jack.