Fig Pokemon Mini Bandai Pokemon Scale World Paldea Region

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- What is [Pokemon Scale World]? A figure series that expresses three-dimensional figures on a scale of about 1/20, based on the concept of reproducing a world where humans and Pokemon coexist.
- You can arrange a wide range of voluminous Pokemon figures, from small size that can be pinched with your fingertips to large size that fills both hands.

- This is the first installment in the Pardea region, the stage of [Pocket Monster Scarlet Violet].
- In addition to the main character Aoi, the first three partners and their evolved forms are now available!
- It is a lineup that you can enjoy the size difference of Pokemon.
- A total of 9 types, including 8 Pokemon and 1 Pokemon Trainer.

- Pre-painted figures (6 types in total)
1. Nyaohha & Nyarote
2. Hogeta & Attigator
3. Kvass & Welcamo
Four. Mascaña
Five. weenival
6. Aoi (Violet Ver.)
- 1 gum (soda flavor)