Fig Monster Hunter Builder Trading Figures 10 Cm Monster Hunter World Iceborne

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-The collection figure series [Standard Model Plus], which contains popular monsters from the [Monster Hunter] series, is now available with the best version of the Elder Dragon monsters that appear in [Monster Hunter World: Iceborn]!
- This time, from among the monsters that appear in [Monster Hunter World: Iceborn], [Nergigante], [Val Hazak], [Yvercana], [Neromiel], [Mfet Ziva], and [Albatreon] are recorded.
-Blind package specifications that make you want to collect all types, and the bonus figure that is completed by collecting the bonus parts enclosed in each individual box is [Xeno Ziva (Clear Ver.)].
- In addition, one monster icon sticker is included in each box.

[Number of types] All 6 types + bonus parts
- Nergigante
- Val Hazak
- Mufet Ziva
- Yvercana
- Neromile
- Abatreon

-Combine the included bonus parts to complete Xeno Ziva (Clear Ver.)!
- 1 monster icon sticker is included for each box

-Figure body size: Height approx. 100-150mm
- Material: PVC, ABS

* This product was released from March 2018 to March 2021 [CFB Standard Model Plus Vol.10], [CFB Standard Model Plus Vol.11], [CFB Standard Model Plus Vol.14], [CFB Standard model Plus Vol.17] and [CFB standard model Plus Vol.18] are the same specifications.